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Thursday, January 6, 2011

End of the World 2012 is Near : The Different Doomsday Scenarios

It's already 2011. 2012 is near. The end of the world is at hand. 

The Mayan Calendar ends on Decemebr 21 2012.

There are many theories as to how this End of the world, apocalypse scenario will come about. One of the most popular is the Meteor Doomsday scenario. Where a meteor the size of a mountain will come crashing to Earth spewing hot gas, smoke and soot blanketing the entire planet like how the dinosaurs died out.

The Mayan End of the world prediction could also be connected with the current problems of global warming. This is the era of severe droughts, heat waves, cold waves and unruly and unpredictable weather. Vice President Al Gore advocates going green, lessening our carbon footprint and just going environment friendly in all our human activites; but.... are we too late?

Another Doomsday and apocalyptic scenario for 2012 is the reversal of the poles. This will drastically change climate conditions affecting the planet and some scientists already believe that this is what is happening in our world and not the fake propaganda of global warming.

Hello World!

Goodbye World!